Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lets talk about car Alzoraza :)

Alzoraza (Alza x Exora x Avanza)

Lately, Perodua tends to name their cars using foreign words such as “viva” and “alza”. Probably it is believed that the car with a special name meaning “long live” or “rise” is a blessing for the new born baby.

It’s possible that using Italian or Spanish instead of Malay name would let the car sound more “global”, more “international”, more “tasteful” or maybe I can say, more “reliable” in the overseas market. At least this time JC wouldn’t say it sounds like a disease as the name for Kelisa.

Alza, badge engineered by Boon Daihatsu Luminas, has made little changes for its exterior instead of being another clone of it. The conspicuous difference is the headlight. It may be a bit similar with Myvi’s but those eyes are much sexier and more seductive. So one can’t say it’s a lengthen Myvi or Myvi’s sister. It’s a Myvi’s cousin.

It’s easier if I put it this way, Alza (from Perodua) and Exora (from Proton) are wife and husband. Everything you get from Alza is a mini version of Exora, It’s shorter, thinner, lower and it’s about 200kg lighter than Exora. Thus it has a better aerodynamic, easier to park and sportier. With a price around RM65k it’s as much as RM10k cheaper than Exora.

Alza has a 1.5L engine with a smaller fuel tank and consumes less fuel than Exora. It’s supposed to be a car for 7 members especially of young family. Although Alza is of 103hp which is 22hp lower than Exora, it provides almost the same driving pleasure. This is partly due to the similar power to weight ratio and partly to the same suspension.

The 103hp sounds sufficient for Alza but it also sounds disappointing at the same time because the engine for Alza is actually the same for Avanza but detuned from 109hp to 103hp. Besides, it is less capable than Avanza on handling high speed. But on tyre’s usage and seat’s flexibility Alza wins over all.

What Alza attracts me most is not in its performance but its design which follows the same path of Daihatsu. The distinctive designs are such as gear level on instrument panel; centre mounted meter panel and most specially, foot brake instead of hand brake. It might be the very first special features for Perodua. But the acceptance by users is uncertain because this sort of design is often more relevant to taste than practicality.


p/s: Thanks Derek for sharing this :)

I got my own Si Puteh too..ngeee..

It appears that having a 103hp isn’t a good match for the1.5L engine. It should be higher. But since it’s the lightest-weighted family car among all others it might just do well to compensate the insufficiency.

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