Monday, September 1, 2014

New Pandora charms from SIL

Simple things that makes me HAPPY. Thanks SIL, @norinahadnan for the new Spring collections Love charm. This is how my Pandora look like today :) 

#latergram #pandora #ilovepandora #collections 


And i still love The oval eyes pendant that i got from someone 12 years ago. What a memory!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Alhamdulillah hari ini hari Jumaat.

Salam Jumaat. Throwback Raya photo. 

Sekarang ni malas nak tulis caption panjang panjang. hehe.. Jangan marah Uolls. Akak banyak keje nak disiapkan ni. Nanti nanti akak update lagi ok. 


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Eid Mubarak 2014

Happy Eid Mubarak 2014 from Yiyen ( Nureen Aleesya ) & Neidal ( Alzreil Neidal )

p/s : That is Neidal's new haircut & Yiyen's MUA by Mamayiyen ❤

Saturday, July 12, 2014

FOLLOW @LBCTMY Instagram !

Hello there dear friends..

It's been a while i didn,t write here. As you guys know, i'm a working mom and got so many things to do.
Today i would like to share with all of you a customade T-shirt that support Lung CANCER Patient. By buying this T-shirt and donate some to the IKN ( Institut Kanser Negara ) This is not all about bussiness whatsoever, but we tried our best to do something / to help the Cancer Patient. As you guys know, my Dad, passed away because of Lung Cancer :(
Oh, how i hate to say this.. i really miss my Dad right now.


The one i'm wearing is a dual tone LBCTMY T-shirt
Price : RM55
Do follow their Instagram now ---> @LBCTMY

Their Tagline!
LBCTMYclothing LBCTMY is a streetwear brand supporting patients fighting cancer. Keepin the swag while contributing good action to the community. Sabah's Proud!

Thanks for your help guys. You guys can checkout so many designs there.
And, InsyaAllah there will be more new design coming up after this.

I paired this Tribal skirt and loafer with the LBCTMY T-shirt. Isn't it nice?

Kangen White 
RM45 only.

Some Quotes from my Instagram. Those who followed me on Instagram , thank you so much but i don't thing i would accept any of friend's request if they haven't upload any photo. Sorry stalker.

Another Motivational quotes from my IG. it's been a hard day. So some motivational quotes would help.

See you guys soon. So many things to share here, i shall write soon.
Don't worry.


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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Condominium For SALE !

Selling my Monte Bayu Condo located at Bukit Permai, Ampang, also known as little genting.

830 sqft, 3 rooms 2 bathrooms, 2 aircond, 2 heater,complete with kitchen cabinet & bar counter.

High rise 13th floor, facing KL & PJ. 2 covered car park, 3 tier 24 hours security,

Infiniti pool n gymnasium facing KLCC, badminton court, basketball court, playground, BBQ area and many more.

Very low density and peaceful surrounding, RM348k nego.
Bumi lot.

sms / whatsapp / wechat Only :

Thank You.

Monday, June 23, 2014

In loving memories with DAD

Location: LCCT. Gambar ini dirakamkan genap pada Harijadi @yiyen2829 yang ke 4 tahun.

Date : 29hb Nov 2008. Masa tu Bapa & Mama datang dari Sabah semata mata nak melawat cucu dia. Masa ni Neidal belum lahir lagi. 

Setiap kali Bapa & Mama datang KL, saya lah orang yang paling gembira. Saya akan minta cuti awal2 dan buat perancangan mana nak pergi. Bawa Bapa & Mama jalan jalan. 

Lain tau rasa bila berjauhan. Terasa rindu yang amat sangat & xsabar ingin berjumpa. Sekarang lagi rindu sebab memang xkan dapat jumpa Bapa sampai bila2 . 
Tapi akan berjumpa di SANA .


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forever One song & Lyrics by Richado Tawith

Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh kami adik beradik pada tahun 2010. Lagu gubahan adik, Richado Tawith khas untuk Bapa & Mama tercinta Puan Mollen Bt. Simbaku & Allahyarham Bapa Tawith Bin Hj. Sungkit.

Enjoy the song guys..

Tajuk Lagu : Forever One

Lirik Lagu :

"It's hard to find the peace, when we're all alone.. 
When we far, there's no place to go..
You are far to reach, but I carry you..

Every where I go, forever it will be..
Father raised us with love..
And our mother raised us with her tender touch..

We gonna be fine, 
We gonna stay true,
Together we hold on to..
Even it's hard the pain is lesser if we bear it together..

Never say no,
Never look back.
To all the hard times we've been through,
Let's joint our hands.

We are family and we will forever be one.

I don't think I wanna live or even chase my dream
Without you would be colorless and pale
It is there'll be hard for me to live in our own dreams
Cause all we need is love
All we need is love

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