Sunday, January 31, 2010

Which one do you prefer?

Just wanna share with you guys...
which Donut do you prefer..
J.Co Donuts

BIG Apple Donuts??

so tempting!!


ask for me,
I prefer Big Apple rather than J.Co..
because Big Apple got
"Durian Durian"
what yours?
let me know..
maybe Dunkin Donut??

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I'm clearing up some of my collection
so for those who want to buy it..
do email me..
price can be nego..

Roxy wristlet
size 10cm x 13cm
RM20 only!
retail price: RM29.90
Pink Solvil et Titus
Retail price: RM200+
Bought from City Chain,Sunway Pyramid

RM90 only!

Bonia Wallet
Bought from Bonia boutique bkt. tinggi,klang
Full leather Silver colour

still in a very good condition..

Selling it @ RM150
Retail price: RM300+

Sembonia Handbag

Full leather too..

can be used as a sling bag too..
still in a very good condition..
Retail price RM209.90
Anything,do email me ok:
Thank You..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love it!!

Wah wah wah...
Happynya bila dapat barang baru...
dah lama mengidam nak beli
wristlet ni..

me & yiyen..

my new COACH!

Coach Beach LG flat wristlet yang comel ittew..
p/s: my next target..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its Simple but Yummy!!

Sardin masak kari..
Ini adalah menu makan malam kami
beberapa hari yang lepas..
kepada sesiapa yang teringin mencuba,

kelihatan menarik disitu..
kalau rasa pasti nak lagi..

-1 tin sardin
-1 sudu kecil serbuk kari
-1/2 biji tomato
-2 biji cili (jika ingin pedas)
-1 biji bawang merah & bawang putih
-sedikit garam dan serbuk perisa
Selamat mencuba!
*enak di makan dengan ulam-ulaman
dan sambal kicap!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pagar baru rumah yang dinanti-nantikan akhirnya siap dipasang..Yippie!

I got my new Gate from
DELUX today..
I was so happy!
We ordered from DELUX IOI Mall last November 2009..
Its a present actually..

DELUX apearrance in the paper

some of the design..

they got Quality awards last year as a winner..

uhh..i like!

Delux’s Unigate

This maintenance-free automatic gate system saves you hundreds of Ringgit and years of heartache

Thinking of installing a new automatic folding gate? Or replacing your old one?
Well, here’s a tip.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or already own a system, there are maintenance-free, energy saving answer that also gives you better convenience and security. Never again worry about sinking tracks (which 80% of conventional folding gate owners face). Neither should you give a thought again to unaligned and dirty track and rollers and rollers that damage your lovely tiled floors.

Yes, the answer you’re looking for are over 100 designs that are easily changeable.
Introducing the Delux Unigate system – a revolutionary trackless automatic folding gate, unlike any other in the market today.

Quality Finishing & Built to Last with Anti-Rust

One smart innovation with the Unigate is the use of Multiple waterproof ball bearing system (24 pcs), which most gates only have 12. This makes movement smoother and the adjustable hinges can be adjusted easily enough to significantly reduce the impact of sinking after several years.

In addition, the whole body of the gate is screw-fabricated so no welding is done. This maintains the product’s finishing without any damage during installation.
In addition to its superior quality and durability, the system’s intelligent design saves 50% of space and has 48 hours of back-up power for uninterrupted operation.

It’s also rust-free thanks to the hot-dip galvanized finish and premium powder coated. Rain or shine, Unigate is able to withstand the weather, keeping it operating well and looking great.
Better Safety & Security – Multi Open Function

The system also comes with a built-in alarm system (useful if thieves and robbers try to tamper with the gate), can be operated by a remote control with multi opening function.
Choices, Choices & Never Go out of Fashion

With 100 designs to choose from, you’re bound to find that looks great! But what’s even better are that the inner panels can be easily replaced to create your own customised style. So as time goes by, your gate will continue to look new!

The Delux Unigate is available at Homedec and Delux store near you. For more information, visit

below, is my UniGate design by Mr.Chin
from DELUX

"Secret Garden Theme"

The process..

they came at about 11AM
this morning..

started their installing etc..
and finished at
4.30PM the same day..
can't wait to see my Unigate!

what a great job..

Yiyen with her Kangaroo style..

me and yiyen while waiting
for our Unigate to be installed..


It's done..

There you go!
It's our new gate!
A Secret Garden Unigate
from DELUX
Thank you so much DAD & MOM
for this present!
Love you so much..

Mamayiyen,Yiyen and Papayiyen.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Addicted to Tupperware!


I'm a Tupperware dealer now!
I just registered as a member last week..
I am so happy coz now i can buy
tupperware product
with the dealer price..

anyone who wanna register,
do contact me here..


Below are some of my Tupperware collections..
thanks to my sister Kartini who had introduced me to
this Lovely brand :)
& selling them to me with
a very cheap price..

*before i joined tupperware member*

Now i am really addicted to this brand!!


now i need to buy their rice
dispenser soon :)
*priced rm288
can't wait for it..

You can visits their web here..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lawaks lawaks...

*gambar yiyen yang sdg tersenyum2 kambing dgn beg Barbie nya*

Sedang aku khusyuk berfb....
Aku terdengarla mcm ada berita kecoh2 bergaduh dalam buletin utama tv3..
cepat2 la aku berlari ke depan tv utk tgk apa yg berlaku.

Yiyen yg tgh main lego pun heran kenapa aku berlari depan tv..
Then tanya papa,apa yg berlaku.."kenapa pa?"
Dia dengan nak tak nak jawab.. "Bapak sekolah,Anak nak pindah"
hah!! "what? selalunya..anak sekolah,bapak yang nak pindah..?"
Apa dah jadi? siap gaduh2 masuk tv3 lagi ni?
wakakakakakak........ :)
memangla kurang pendengaran betul aku ni...
terus ketawa terbahak2 hokey....wth..

yiyen pun ikut ketawa! dia pun terus buat lawak..ketawa macam KANGAROO!!

*sambung ketawa*

itulah khusyuk sangat online sampai berita pun xdengar~

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First update for 2010!

Hello friends!
Happy New Year 2010..
I was so busy that i couldn't even update my blog for about 1month 5 days..
since Yiyen birthday 29th November last year..
uhh..finally today i'm able to blog..
Actually i just came back from sending my Yiyen to Smart Reader Kids,Bukit Rimau,where she was studying for the past 1 year and her Daycare was also under SmartReader too..

I woke up early morning to prepare everythings..prepared Yiyen's breakfast,then ask Yiyen to mandi..She was like malas2 lagi but when i said "today nak bawa beg baru.." then she kelang kabut!
Hmmm...budak2 semua mcm ni...

Actually last nite,when i said that she has to go to school today after 2 weeks school holiday,
she was about to cry..she doesn't want to go because her bestfriend Abby is not coming to Smartreader anymore this year..She said Abby and her family already shifted to Kuantan..
OMG..habisla macam ni...i already paid 1k+ for next year registration ok~
She cried and still doesn't want to go..

I came to her and said that she will get Adik this coming May and she can go to school with her adik next year..then she started to smile..
"Nanti Yiyen boleh bawak adik pegi School ke?"
*grin* terus ok mood dia :)
Pheww.. nasib baik..tapi dalam hati,habis la sebab 2 years and above je boleh register @ SR tu..
Whatever la...yang penting Yiyen wants to go to school today..
So cute of her..
Hopefully everythings is fine for her first day at shool today..
I hope she can do better this year before she start her standard 1 next year 2011..
I'm so excited!

Ok la guys..
I think thats all for today..nanti kalau i got story lagi,I'll update ok..
Uppss..before that..just wanna share with all of you that I am now already 22 weeks pregnant..*smile*


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