Monday, January 4, 2010

My First update for 2010!

Hello friends!
Happy New Year 2010..
I was so busy that i couldn't even update my blog for about 1month 5 days..
since Yiyen birthday 29th November last year..
uhh..finally today i'm able to blog..
Actually i just came back from sending my Yiyen to Smart Reader Kids,Bukit Rimau,where she was studying for the past 1 year and her Daycare was also under SmartReader too..

I woke up early morning to prepare everythings..prepared Yiyen's breakfast,then ask Yiyen to mandi..She was like malas2 lagi but when i said "today nak bawa beg baru.." then she kelang kabut!
Hmmm...budak2 semua mcm ni...

Actually last nite,when i said that she has to go to school today after 2 weeks school holiday,
she was about to cry..she doesn't want to go because her bestfriend Abby is not coming to Smartreader anymore this year..She said Abby and her family already shifted to Kuantan..
OMG..habisla macam ni...i already paid 1k+ for next year registration ok~
She cried and still doesn't want to go..

I came to her and said that she will get Adik this coming May and she can go to school with her adik next year..then she started to smile..
"Nanti Yiyen boleh bawak adik pegi School ke?"
*grin* terus ok mood dia :)
Pheww.. nasib baik..tapi dalam hati,habis la sebab 2 years and above je boleh register @ SR tu..
Whatever la...yang penting Yiyen wants to go to school today..
So cute of her..
Hopefully everythings is fine for her first day at shool today..
I hope she can do better this year before she start her standard 1 next year 2011..
I'm so excited!

Ok la guys..
I think thats all for today..nanti kalau i got story lagi,I'll update ok..
Uppss..before that..just wanna share with all of you that I am now already 22 weeks pregnant..*smile*

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