Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pagar baru rumah yang dinanti-nantikan akhirnya siap dipasang..Yippie!

I got my new Gate from
DELUX today..
I was so happy!
We ordered from DELUX IOI Mall last November 2009..
Its a present actually..

DELUX apearrance in the paper

some of the design..

they got Quality awards last year as a winner..

uhh..i like!

Delux’s Unigate

This maintenance-free automatic gate system saves you hundreds of Ringgit and years of heartache

Thinking of installing a new automatic folding gate? Or replacing your old one?
Well, here’s a tip.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or already own a system, there are maintenance-free, energy saving answer that also gives you better convenience and security. Never again worry about sinking tracks (which 80% of conventional folding gate owners face). Neither should you give a thought again to unaligned and dirty track and rollers and rollers that damage your lovely tiled floors.

Yes, the answer you’re looking for are over 100 designs that are easily changeable.
Introducing the Delux Unigate system – a revolutionary trackless automatic folding gate, unlike any other in the market today.

Quality Finishing & Built to Last with Anti-Rust

One smart innovation with the Unigate is the use of Multiple waterproof ball bearing system (24 pcs), which most gates only have 12. This makes movement smoother and the adjustable hinges can be adjusted easily enough to significantly reduce the impact of sinking after several years.

In addition, the whole body of the gate is screw-fabricated so no welding is done. This maintains the product’s finishing without any damage during installation.
In addition to its superior quality and durability, the system’s intelligent design saves 50% of space and has 48 hours of back-up power for uninterrupted operation.

It’s also rust-free thanks to the hot-dip galvanized finish and premium powder coated. Rain or shine, Unigate is able to withstand the weather, keeping it operating well and looking great.
Better Safety & Security – Multi Open Function

The system also comes with a built-in alarm system (useful if thieves and robbers try to tamper with the gate), can be operated by a remote control with multi opening function.
Choices, Choices & Never Go out of Fashion

With 100 designs to choose from, you’re bound to find that looks great! But what’s even better are that the inner panels can be easily replaced to create your own customised style. So as time goes by, your gate will continue to look new!

The Delux Unigate is available at Homedec and Delux store near you. For more information, visit

below, is my UniGate design by Mr.Chin
from DELUX

"Secret Garden Theme"

The process..

they came at about 11AM
this morning..

started their installing etc..
and finished at
4.30PM the same day..
can't wait to see my Unigate!

what a great job..

Yiyen with her Kangaroo style..

me and yiyen while waiting
for our Unigate to be installed..


It's done..

There you go!
It's our new gate!
A Secret Garden Unigate
from DELUX
Thank you so much DAD & MOM
for this present!
Love you so much..

Mamayiyen,Yiyen and Papayiyen.


  1. nice gate =)
    I'd like to install one soon too!
    How much did the whole system including the gate cost you?

  2. hi jeng..
    this is a new design from delux..unigate..
    its 11k+ including the wiring..
    expensive but satisfying :)
    do come to their showroom at Sunway Pyramid and IOI Mall..

  3. hi... salam ziarah n salam kenal.. nice blog n sgt cantik rmh u.... berkenan kat gate u.... 11K ye cost dia... walla!! tp mmg berkenan sgt!

  4. hi iela..
    thanks sudi baca blog ni :)
    rumah saya biasa2 je..
    pagar tu mmg best! gi IOI Mall @ Sunway Pyramid utk tau lbh lanjut psl pagar ni ye..

  5. Hi,

    Nice gate, does it work okay.
    Do you have more photo's of it

  6. Hi,

    Nice gate, is it a good one. Do you have more pictures?



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