Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Love of my Life

I can't believe it - Neidal is ONE year One month today......I just can't get over how fast time flies! I know everyone says that, but it's true. It has been by far the best year of my life and I know Papa would say the same too. I actually miss the sleepless nights, and I never thought I would say that 12 months ago. :)

I can't believe when people ask me how old my baby is I can officially say "ONE"....kinda sad but fun at the same time. I can't wait to take him to the zoo, waterpark and so many more fun things this school Holiday with our family and friends! She is loved by his sister,Yiyen,us and so many people out there. he is seriously the luckiest little boy I know. Major shout out to my family and friends who have made this the best year ever for Ensemboy! My little family is so blessed and I pray for each and every one of you each night.

Mamayiyeneidal :)

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