Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Conference at Shangri La,KL

Wah ayu sekali para mannequin memakai Scrub Suit!

jangan tertipu ye..
ni hanyalah patung semata2 bukan pelakon ER..

Yesterday, 5 of OT staff from HPJ went to Shangri La,Hotel KL
to attend the 1st Asian Perioperative Nursing (ASIORNA) Conference 2010 from 26th-28th Oct.
thats include me :)

perasan jadi model tangga sekejap kat Shangri La hotel
kalau dah memang kaki bergambar tu..tak kira di mana pun
bergambar je lah kerjanya..

bersama kakak2 dari OT juga..

during the conference..
delegates are from USA,Thailand,Korea,Japan,China,Singapore,Indonesia,India etc

this is what get during our tea break..
tuna croissant is so yummeh!

with our OT sister
the one with black attire :)

me :)

some of the company that took part

me with the cutie mannequin Barbie

Barbie with full scrub suit..cute isn't it?

this one is the big mannequin also with scrub suit

my tag

i meet my friend,KB she is also ex PPUMer..
now working at Army Hosp Perak

our lunch table..
i really like the pink roses for our table centerpiece..

End of Day1

Day2 conference will be up soon..

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