Saturday, January 7, 2012

A L O O T !

Always leave Office on time!

Why ??

1. Work is a never ending process. You can never finish the work.

2. Interest of a client is not more important than your family.

3. If you fail in life your boss or client will not be the person to offer a
helping hand but your family and friends will do.

4. Life does not mean coming to office, going home and sleeping. There is more
to a life. You need time to socialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Don’t make your life meaningless.

5. A person who sits in office till late is not a hardworking person. He just doesn’t
know how to manage work within the stipulated time.

6. You did not study hard and struggle just to have a meaningless life. Have a balance life.

7. If your boss forces you to work late, ask him to read this :)

We work to live , not live to work.. 

OMG! this is a true story! people all around the world actually doesn't want to do an overtime job! but they're forces to do that.. harap harap orang yang sepatutnya baca nota ni terbaca coz i know that they won't have time read this either! kesian kat kucing ni kan. comel tapi terpaksa kerja lebih masa T_______T

Cc : To all bosses around the world!


  1. saya kan dah 8 tahun keja dgn bos yg sama. boleh kira dgn jari je dia balik ontime...

  2. hi Rapunzel :)
    ye? jom kita sama sama balik on time :))

  3. Hi Baby (Mama Amana),
    rasanya semua bos macam tu kan :)
    hmmm.. tak tau nak cakap apa.



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