Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yiyen's School Holiday's Programme

A short entry about Yiyen's school holiday's programme.. Last week i received sms from yiyen's former teacher from Smart Reader, teacher Jenny. She ask me weather i want to join the SR school holidays programme for Yiyen. It's a 1 week programme at Pusat Sains Negara. Oh i'm excited to tell Yiyen about this. When i ask Yiyen, she said she want to join.. I told dad about this, my dad/her grandpa decided to sponsor Yiyen for this programme :) Wah I Like! hehe.. Thank you dad!!

budak excited nak gi PSN :)

Actually we've planned to go somewhere on Sunday the 13th and its a beach holiday! but as you know what had happened in Japan..we cancelled our plan.. JJCM at Sunway Pyramid would be the best choice for us then.. On Monday morning i sent yiyen to Smart Reader as early as 8am. because they have to move to PSN at eight.. Yiyen is super duper excited for her first time school holiday's programme..As you know, i only can get off on Monday so this is the best "school holiday programme' we could give to yiyen.. Wait for 2nd semester School Holiday ye Yen.. mama will bring you for cuti cuti Malaysia. InsyaAllah..

p/s: Sister janji bagi cuti untuk yang belum dapat cuti March ni kan??? hehehe.. i know you read this! kantoi!

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