Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new car for Baby Neidal..

i got what i want..

this is the stroller that i really want to buy since i'm pregnant..
*hahaha mengidam stroller*

A Red Quinny Zapp + matching Red Maxi Cosi
for Baby Neidal..

Syukur Alhamdulillah..
dah beli pun.

happy dan puas hati sebab,
Quinny Zapp is one of the best 3D stroller in UK.

you can buy this stroller at Stroller World,
next to Crocs boutique,
IOI Mall,Puchong.
it's cheaper here.

if you wanna buy them,this is the price:
the Quinny Zapp is RM880
Maxi Cosi is RM860
but if you wanna buy both as a package,
you can get them for
or just ask for the best price :)

p/s: thank u baby & mandy :) this is the stroller..


  1. nice..rsnye msti bb pn comfort dok lam 2

  2. ravishingpeacock: mmg comfort sbb cushion dia tebal :)

  3. ngo rasanya mimang yg ini la perfect choice sbb buzz tu aku pikir blk mcm besar btl tayarnya..tp apa beza sama zapp xtra ngo

  4. ya ati..akupun rasa mcm tu..zapp xtra tu baru..akupun xpasti lagi apa beza dia..



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