Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Neidal is 49 days today!

Hey! Time flies so fast and today my baby is already 49 days.. Lets read this..on "What we should know about 1 month old Baby"..

At just 1 month old, you’ll already be able to see a difference in your baby as they grow bigger and stronger! They’ll be able to focus on you now and may even be able to respond to noises like the ring of a bell. At this stage, most new mums also have a list of questions about whether their baby is feeding enough, sleeping too little or crying too much.. (that's true)

i Love this precious moment

From newborn to baby

Your baby may begin to lose their very newborn appearance, although their legs might still be slightly bent. They’ll probably be able to lift their head briefly when lying on their tummy. Their hands will remain clenched in a tight fist and fingers will automatically curl around anything put into their palm. This grasp reflex is one of the many natural reflexes your baby is born with. (ok)

Breast-feeding your baby

At around 6 weeks of age, many babies go through a growth spurt which can mean a hungrier baby for a few days. The feeding schedule you had may have just gone out the window! It is worth knowing that this may occur so you can just increase the frequency of the feed and then allow the pattern to settle back after a few days. (yes)


Crying remains your baby’s main form of communication, although they’ll also use gurgling, grunting and humming sounds when feeling snug and content. (definitely)


Your 1 month old baby’s eyesight is developing in quality and range, although it’s still quite limited. They’re now particularly drawn to two things: the human face – especially yours –and almost any moving object. (true)

he still can't sit on his own :)

Stay close to help bond with your baby

Your baby loves being close to you, so move their arms and legs gently and continue to use massage as you did in the first few weeks. Holding your baby close during feeding, picking them up and rocking them gently will make them feel loved and help strengthen the emotional bond between you.. (i will)

Did You Know?
When your baby smiles, it might just be a real one! You can tell it's a social smile if they use their entire face to show you they’re pleased and it lights up their eyes. Babies will smile only when they're ready, but you can try and encourage them by cuddling, tickling, and playing with them! (my neidal smiles a lot. love his smile.)

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