Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Wynn!

This special entry is special dedicated to my bpp :)
WYNN aka the owner of

Have a blast birthday & hopefully you'll get a baby this year Wynn :)
I'm Happy to know you.. &
best priend poreber hokey :p

from all of us,



  1. Awwww... thank so much Ngo... Baru baca ni entry. U know la what happened that night kan...
    Amin...and thank you for the doa. I'm very happy to know u too.. BPP poreber and eber.
    Love u Ngo.. ^__^

  2. Hi wynn!
    u're welcome :)
    ingatkan ko suda baca.. haruss mo bagi hadiah ni. bila dpt jumpa? besok at Sunway pyramid ok?


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