Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alzreil Neidal is One year old today!

He's no longer a Baby.. yeah! my Ensemboy is turning ONE today! How fast time flies.. i didn't even realise it..

Alzreil Neidal :)

was born 0n 28th 2010 at 0945hrs,
Weight: 3.48kg, Length: 52cm

Say HI to him my dear followers :)
Thank You..

The story about Alzreil Neidal's name:

p/s: i just find out that Nazril Idrus,Sazzy Falak's husband shared the same birthday with Neidal
OMG! i actually choose this name, ALZREIL because..

1. AL: most of Neidal's cousins got AL infront of their name eg: Alzachery, Aliya, Alzacherina
2. ALZ: because of his father's name is Azlan :)
3. REIL: was born on the month of April
4. ALZREIL: actually it is also inspired by Mr Nazril's name too! ngeeeee....

(I save this name for almost 6 years because i already choose this name before Yiyen was born. At 7 month pregnant of Yiyen,Doctor said i will get a Baby Boy confirmed by a scan by O&G Specialist that time.. but GOD is Great..a second after i deliver Yiyen..and the Doctor showed to me...asking me to say his/her gender..i was like...OMG! it is actually a GIRL (Yiyen)
**terus menangis**

ok i will reveal what is Yiyen's name actually if she is a BOY :)
this is the name that i chose and i already save it in my message draft handphone before i deliver my 1st baby 7 years ago (2004)..


*what a history* cool aite?

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