Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fitting Session..

Last nite we went to Tropicana Medical Centre for fitting session..I was so..fall in LOVE.. with this Medical Centre..Thought i was entering a Lobby Hotel :) Surrounding area was so nice,clean and fantastic! I went to the information counter in front of the main entrance to ask where is the Maternity Wearhouz is..the guy answered politely :)

This is the view from where we park our car..nice isn't it? this TMC is located just next to Segi University Damansara..this is the first time we've been here..thanks to Google Map for helping us to find this place :)

The parking rate there..not bad..because it's a private hospital..we've to pay rm2 because we park our car 1hour+.. (that's mean the fitting session tooks 1hour) hehehe..

Maternity Wearhouz! This brand is came from USA and the one and only outlet they have in Malaysia,can be found only in TMC..( 1st Maternity Fashion rental Store in Malaysia) After tried all the 'Casual outfit' that they had sponsored us, i really think that their products is really good..u can go to their homepage for more infomation about this brand here http://www.maternitywearhouz.webs.com they sell Trendy Maternity Nursing Wear! so you can be so Gorgeous even when you're pregnant! with their brand..

This is yiyen inside the toilet of TMC! have to pose also..what i can tell you..their toilet is very clean and got a nice smell inside here :) you can see yiyen's face..

Upps!! her mama also wanted to pose..Awww!! That's all for the fitting session...will update soon why i went for a Fitting Session ok..

Before its too late,i wanna thank my sister Kartini for giving me this 'Very Useful Book'.. Its all about pregnancy from A to Z.. Written by Dr.miriam Stoppard.. i'm recommend all the new mommy out there to buy this book..eventhough i'm having my second baby now..but i have to learn more about pregnancy too..the experience that i get from my first pregnancy wasn't enough for me..but by reading this book,i get more information :) once again..Thank you very much Kats!! p/s: you can buy this book from Popular Bookstore..the price is RM74.95 quite pricey but worth it!

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