Friday, February 19, 2010

The place where i like to shop..

Last CNY,I went to Sunway Pyramid..where my favourite shopping spree is.. There's so many 'On Sale' during that day..I really couldn't resist the word SALE! Uhhhh...

Sunway Pyramid is the 1st blink on my mind if someone ask for a shopping..
Why? First and foremost,i really like the 'Parking convenience' for all shoppers there..
All parking space got it own lite sensor..what i mean will be a green lite for that parking space if the parking lot is empty and it will be red in colour if got car parked in there..very easy to find for a parking and you don't have to be stress searching for a car park...

Secondly,I can find all my favourite brands Outlet there such as.. MNG,Guess,Elle,Seed,Dorothy Perkins,Esprit,Bonia,Levi's etc... My fav Bed & Linen shop AUSSINO..My fav cinema TGV..
My Favourite jewelery shop..Diamond & Platinum, My fav watchshoppe..City Chain (most of my watch,i bought from there) My fav Ice Cream shop...Baskin n Robin, My fav donuts shops..J.Co donuts and Krispy Kreme!!

So why should i go to another shopping complex? hmmm..but sometimes i also like Subang Parade and Amcorp Mall too..a shopping mall that i feels like quiet and not so many people there.. and the most important things,they have their own what you call FLEA Market!

This is the entrance at Level CP4 @ Sunway Pyramid..You can pay your parking car park via your TonchnGo card..its so need to take ticket or que up to pay for your parking car park ok..its that simple..

Went to M.A.C Cosmetics Boutique is a must for me..i am now trying to add up my collections..
I just bought a new eyeshadow and blusher on that day..(thats yiyen..she likes make up too!)

Sunway Pyramid M.A.C Boutique..opposite to Clinique boutique..

2 of my new collections.. Suave Intentions Eyeshadow code no A89 Limited editions (RM58) & Peachkeen Blusher code no AB8 (Rm75).. just wanna share the price here for those who doesn't know the price..

This is in front of AKEMIUCHI Bed & Linen shop.i think its in LG floor next to Watson... I took this photo because of yiyen's best buddies "Mumu" was there.. (the cute teddy bear) isn't them cute? with the pink ribbon on their neck :) cute..

Like my new comfort Pink sandal Aussino here....
That's all for to tired today..Tomorrow will be going for shopping as usual..
Where else....Sunway Pyramid lah :)


  1. Haaa... I suka blusher Peachykeen tu!! :D

  2. hi elle...
    ketemu juga kita disini ya..
    apa khabar kamu?



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