Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buat Hair Treatment

Isnin lepas,i went to Subang Parade to redeem my voucher treatment at Yun Nam Haircare. Located at G floor (G26) just next to MotherCare shop..

I bought this voucher treatment at JJ,Bkt.Raja ,Klang 2 weeks ago..they had an exhibition during that day.. Pay only RM18,then you're entitled to have their trial package that worth RM1000+..sangat berbaloikan..

This is inside the consultation room at Sbg Parade YN..They will do 3 easy steps to solve our hair problem..

Their product at the consultation room..

Step 1: 1 to 1 consultation
Step2: Computerized Hair Scanning Analysis
Step 3: Professional Hair Care Treatment

Inside Consultation room 1..
step 1:
A profesional hair care expert will conduct a one-to-one through consultation to provide us with in-depth scalp information.Every hair queries will be answered.

Me,myself while waiting for Ms.Ivy to asses my hair..actually i don't really have a hair problem. Got a little bit hair loss but i think it's because the hormonal changes during pregnancy.. but i have a little bit of hair dandruff..that's why i wanna try this product..
Step 2:
Futher consultation is done through computerized hair scanning technology to examine hair follicles. Computer images is magnified up to 100 times which can help in diagnosing the cause of hair problems at the roots.

This is inside the Treatment room after Ms.Ivy asses my hair..some of their product that Ms.Ivy used to treat my hair..

Step 3:
Professional Hair Care treatment
Each hair treatment is customized to the needs of consumer's scalp and hair problem. Hair care experts also closely monitor the progress of each treatment to ensure you achieve the best possible results..

This is during the Ginseng Yun Nam Treatment..
You will get all this:-
1) Clean hair follicles and oily scalp
2) Control oil gland to prevent oily scalp
3) Hair is thicker and stronger
4) Hair is healthier with nutrients that penetrate deep into the roots
5)Ensure long term healthy scalp
6)Enhance scalp's resistence
7) Encourage growth of baby hair
8)Increases blood circulation of the scalp and the regeneration of the scalp
Yun Nam also treat for this problems:
Premature Hair Loss,Mediterranean Hair Loss, Post Natal Hair Loss, Oily Hair Scalp, female Hair Loss,Ring-Shaped Hair Loss, White Hair Problem and Dandruff Problem..

After the treatment... I met Eleeyana,my cousin's wife with her 2 cute daughter.. khaniesha n khadieja :)

This is the promotion voucher that i bought.. Exclusively for new Customers only..
RM18= 2 Yun Nam Ginseng Treatment (1 scalp treatment + 1 Herbal Treatment) , 1 Set of Hair Care Products & 1 Hair Tonic.. (worth Rm1000+)

What i get.. set of hair care products worth rm68 + hair tonic worth rm27 and the 2 treatment that worth rm1000.

Yun Nam..The No.1 customers most recomended Hair Care Brand! You guys should try once.. because i really satisfy with their product but don't have a chance to buy their package.. it's 4000+ la..i'm saving my money for my little one..nanti kan nak beli itu ini for him.. nak beli stroller cot la..baju baru la...
unless..ada orang nak hadiahkan for me.. hehehehe *wink*

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