Monday, February 22, 2010

Masa untuk beriadah..

Yesterday we went to Kota Permai Golf & Country a promised to yiyen for being a Good Girl..konon and can finished all her Homeworks early..hehehe..

I promised to bring her to a Swimming Pool becoz nowadays she really likes to swim..don't know mesti pengaruh cerita hagemaru dgn fukuchan ni,haih!

We planned to go to 3K Subang but,its already we decided to change our plan to KPGCC..lagi dekat..only 5 min from our home..

so,this is yiyen..yang xsabar2 untuk mandi..dah mandi pun..after change to her swimming suit,terus terjun swim ok..pastu datang balik..ask for her pelampung.."papa ambik pelampung yiyen"
you guys can see at her happy happy my daughter..
Papayiyen waiting for her daughter to finished her job..hehehe.. swimming lah
Her pelampung and her wedge..

Yeah!! kami tengok je lah..xkuase nak mandi dengan perut mcm ni :)

"Hi mama! amik la gambar dengan video yiyen tgh swim ni..." wah siap request lagi dia..

Her mama while waiting for her..tengok yiyen tgh buat ape tu..hish..

After mandi...perut pun lapar.." Mama nak nugget!" yiyen lapar ni.. ni pun xcukup tau.. balik dari KPGCC ni,terus singgah Carrefour Bkt Rimau utk beli nugget yiyen..

Mama & Papayiyen :)

Kota Permai Golf & Country Club...
Time to go home dah...
Tomorrow have to go to school ok Yiyen..
Next time kita datang lagi..tapi janji be a Good Girl k..
Yiyen replied~" Ok Ma..thank you Ma"
You're welcome Yen!

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