Thursday, February 11, 2010

Her Birthday at McDonald

Inilah entry bergambar yang terbanyak saya pernah upload kat blog ini..
This is when Yiyen's 5th Birthday last Disember..
@ McDonald Kota Kemuning

Nureen Aleesya
in Lovely Lace Dress

posing sebelum ke birthday party :)

@ McDonald Kota Kemuning

me,yiyen,my sister and her daughter amirah
masa ni baru 19th weeks preggy..

my sister,Kartini with yiyen


tetamu terawal yang sampai

abby,yiyen's best buddy..

me with the food

yiyen with her Smart reader Kids teacher..
teacher Connie & teacher Baya
and also adam & audra (yiyen's cousin)
abby's mom & teacher connie

singing happy birthday..

teacher connie in acting

dancing time!

yiyen's birthday cake by SR
(can get rm10 discount fron them if you celebrate birthday @ McDonald)

Happy Birthday to you..

upacara memotong kek..

mamayiyen & papayiyen

my sister with her lil one,amirah zahirah

say cheese!!

upps..apa yiyen buat tu?

my familia..
they came all the way from Sabah
for a holiday..
all of them..

my brother with her daughter audri..
papayiyen & yiyen..

sesi suap menyuap

my brother,Richado trying to show his skills :)
you're the man Do!
game time
conducted by the floor manager
from Mcdonald itself..
que up..

some of the kids get ready for the game..

yiyen with her cuz adam alzachery

playing puzzle

get ready to play

the floor manager giving some briefing on how to play the games

the tallest cup will win..

let's party!!
my sister,yohana with her BFF
azie,nik & intan
it's time to go home..
thanks 4 coming guys..
arrived home..
yiyen with her baloons..

the prezzie..

"thank you very much for the present aunty & uncle"
yiyen love it so much!
I'm Lovin' it too!!
next year nak buat birthday kat mana pula ye?

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