Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sejarah lalu berulang kembali?

I'm having my morning sickness (hyperemesis) since 8th of sept 2009..
after my 6th week of pregnancy..
before that was ok,
oh please..
i didn't want..what you call..
sejarah lalu berulang kembali :(
Actually i just came back from Hospital Putrajaya
ED-Emergency Dept. this morning..
because i'm having a very bad vommiting last nite..
i couldn't even sleep..
after the urine test,my Urine Ketone result is 4+
for that result,Doctor has to insert an IV Drips for me because if not,
it would make me collapse..then,i have to be warded..
once again,i refused..i promise to take a lot of water..
and i tell the doctor that i only need a rest..
and antiemetic drugs..
the doctor perscribes me the drugs and given me 2days MC..
so,today after 20 days of fasting,
i have to break fast..
for me and my baby own good..
thank you doc for believin' me.. :)
here i would like to share a story about my 1st pregnancy last 2004..
My 1st pregnancy 5 years ago,was so challenging to me because,
i've been through all these:
.Hyperemesis nearly 6 months
.IV Drips, Injection IV Dexa
.Premature contraction in 7th months of pregnancy
.Warded several time until the time to delivered
.Involved in MVA (motorvehicleaccident) 7th months of pregnancy
.Backpain because i'd slipped myself at the kitchen
.IV Pitocins drips to Induce because no contraction after 41weeks
.Got my Epidural pain relief during delivery,but it doesn't work bacause i got reaction with the drugs
that caused my body shivering all over..
(can u imagine..i want to push my baby out,but i'm shivering like a Parkinson pt.. WTH)
besides all that..the MAJOR problem that i've been through that really scared me is,
I've beeen diagnosed Placenta Praevia Type II posterior..
(in malay..uri di bhg bawah)
that could bleed during my delivery..
(in other words...can cause death to me-so scarry me!)
Dr's suggest me to do LSCS (Caeser) but i refused..
Alhamdulillah..all was ok..and i delivered my yiyen normally-SVD
i really hope this 2nd pregnancy
would be better
than the 1st one
after a lot of PANCAROBA during my 1st pregnancy..
please pray for me..


  1. sabar.. yakin ja ko..
    kuatkan semangat.

  2. congratulations to mama yiyen aka for having a 2nd baby! hope everything's ok. banyak betul scientific terms. me dont understand. hahaha. banyak betul dugaannya. takut takut. hehe

  3. mama awisy: thanks..and i will.

    nik: hehe..jangan takut nik..tu semua medical terms jer..anyway thank you :)

  4. dunno wat to say oo..
    but im sure everything wil b okay Bings..
    tp berat mata memandang berat lg bahu memikul bah kan. my prayer b with u owez..! =))

  5. ohhh byk nyer dugaan... congrats on your 2nd pregnancy!! take care mama yiyen!!!



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