Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nuffnang Foodfest 2013

Hello peeps!! Today is Nuffnang FoodFest (#NNFoodFest)! It’s going to be Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind food festival where you will have to tweet to eat. Prepare yourselves for an evening of food-tastic fun!
First and foremost, Nuffnang urge you to save the date! The #NNFoodFest will be happening on-
Date: 5th of October 2013 (Saturday) its TODAY!!
Time: 4.00PM – 10.00PM
Venue: Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid
*If it wasn’t already obvious enough from the logo ;)
They’ll be bringing you all sorts of delicacies from burgers from your favourite burger joint, to the latest new-age nibbles in town you’ve never heard of! It’ll definitely be an eye-opening opportunity for you to savour the hidden gems of both local and international cuisine, all in one place. Don’t worry about stuffing yourselves to the brim as all the food will come in fun-sized portions, so you get to try a little bit of everything!
Come & join Nuffnang guys! Its a free foods & you guys can buy them too. Obviously i can't come. so sad T_____T just wanna share the info only. Thanks guys! share your photo at Instagram with the hashtag #NNFoodfest pleaseee. I'm sure gonna like the photos :)

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