Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yohana 23rd Birthday!

Hello guys...
Just wanna wish to my lil' Sister here :)
She is my younger sister actually..
Yohana or as known as Cheng2..
Turn 23 years old last week (2nd of April)
This is Yohana..with her friend..
(the 1 who wear pink not the red one)
We were having her birthday at my house the other day..
Saturday (3rd of April)
Got Theme also :p
DIVA Bling Bling Fabulous konon!!
And this is me with her Birthday Cake from BnR
@Sunway Pyramid..
Yiyen sibuk tgk her gigi.. at my back :)

Cupcakes from WonderMilk...
Sangat sedap!!
Yiyen with her new friend..
Alya & Ayra

The Fruit Tarts..
pun sedap..

Cupcakes & Fruit Tart :)

My hommie!!

fruits and marshmallow..
dip into the Chocolate fountain!
with the Door Gift..

Posing lagi...
The Birthday Girl with all her Bling Bling Guest!

Yo! Its me..
with the diva diva sekalian..
nak jugak :)
the party planner is the one at my right side..
kalau nak minta dia jadi for your Birthday Party Planner..
let me know ok.. (siap promote lagi hehehe)
Wynn & Eldah (Amber Chia)..

Her Birthday present!!
Look at the big & cute teddy bear..
Last but not least..
This is from me,Vivi n Cado..A special present for Her..
Harap u like it Cheng!
p/s: rantai beli sendiri ok!! awww..


  1. Thanks for promoting Ngo.. Nnt aku kasi komisyen ah... ;)

  2. okeh wynn..uiks..cepat juga ko baca?? hehehe..semput ni,tapi sempat lagi meng update :)



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