Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm 38 weeks already!! 2 weeks to go..

Got my new Baby Cot yesterday!!
really can't wait to see my Baby sleepin' in it :)

Some info about Pregnancy in Week 38

You & Me:

Have you checked how much petrol is in the car?
It is definitely worth keeping the fuel topped up over the next few weeks.
I’m sure you can think of nothing worse than running out of petrol on your way to the labour ward.
If your baby has engaged you may feel shooting pains running down your legs and into your groin area.
This is most likely as a result of your baby’s head pushing on your pelvic bones or on some nerves.
Sleeping may be increasingly difficult.
Try to fit a snooze into your day whenever you can.
You may be completely absorbed by the impending labour and birth,but try to look ahead to the time just after your baby has been born and learn the Baby Care basics.
If you can become familiar with the basics of changing a nappy, bathing and feeding your new baby, then you will feel more comfortable and in control when you start your new role as a Mum. Your Baby Your baby now weighs about 3kg (3000grams) and measures around 50cm in length.
She is not likely to grow in length too much more but will still continue to put on some weight. The fine hair that has covered her body, lanugo, has now almost disappeared although you may notice some remaining on her shoulders and ears after her birth.
This will fall away with time.
She continues to wriggle but large movements are difficult and uncomfortable for you.
If you are concerned by a decrease in foetal movements, contact your midwife or doctor for reassurance and advice.
Your baby’s intestines have developed a “black, green sticky” substance called meconium that will be passed as their first bowel motion usually just after delivery.
Occasionally this will occur while your baby is still in utero and can be a sign of foetal distress. Talk to your midwife or doctor about how they would deal with this situation.

owh...xlama lagi nak deliver!!
takut tapi teruja!!
xsabar nak kiss my Baby Boy!!


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