Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Friends..

Dear friends,relatives and who ever know me...

I know you're reading my blog eventho only as my silent reader..
Hoping everyone is doing fine..just wanna ask for a forgiveness from all of you if i ever done wrong..
Don't misunderstand my entry today ok..
I am now trying to calm myself because I'm going to deliver very soon..
No contraction yet but I know the time will come anytime..
So please pray for an easy delivery to me..
I am so nervous eventho this is my second time..
My Yiyen already 6 years old now..and its like a first time to me..

Dear Papa,Dad,Mom,all my family members,friends and relatives...
Please forgive me n pray for me ok..
I know have to be strong!! coz I know i always do..

From the bottom of my heart,
Thanks once again guys..



  1. Aku pun mintak maaf ah Ngo.. Bah, bikin sajuk ko ni.. :p Insyaallah, teda apa2 tu.. U had survived before and U'll survive this time. Insyaallah.. Aminnnn..

  2. Dear Bingo America...
    Moga dipermudahkan segalanya...zikir banyak2 ya ms contraction...Insyallah everythings will be ok...:-)

    -Bingo Malaysia & Siblings

  3. Thanks wynn..jgn takut bah..mi minta maap jak..
    manatau ada salah silap kan :)

    Bingo Malaysia ku :)
    thank u ah ngo..

    cik chinese..w/pun i don't understand u..
    TQ jugak la sbb comment here..
    nanti suruh adik ku translate..

  4. insyallah semuanya selamat, good luck dear!

  5. thank u Yaya!!
    nanti upload banyak2 gambar ur son ok!



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