Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Latest Order on..

Hi Crocsies!!

Just wanna update Crocsies Order here..
29) Malindi Pulse w5 + Jibbitz x 4 ~ Siti Badrah (paid & received) J
30) Olivia New gold ~ Kak Che Dah (paid & received) S
31) Malindi Brown w6 ~ Suzanna (paid & received) S
32) HP casing Pink + Jibbitz x 4 ~ Azlinda (paid & received) S
33) Jibbitz x 6 ~ Syai (paid & received) S
34) HP casing Purple ~ Mine~! (paid & received) S
35) Electro Purple c10 ~ Yiyen (paid & received) S
36) Malindi Leopard Cotton Candy w7 ~ Azlinda (paid & received) S
37) Olivia Brown w8 ~ Nur Huda (paid & received) S
38) Patricia Brown w8 ~ Nur Huda (paid & received) S
39) Patra Black w9 ~ Roslina (paid & received) S
40) Cyprus Purple+Cotton Candy w8 ~ Mom (paid & received) M
41) HP Casing Green ~ Azura (paid & received) S
42) Cyprus Black+ Silver w7 ~ Dr.Liyanna (paid & received) F
43) Malindi Leopard Gold w7 ~ Intan (paid & received) N

..The Wake..
not available in Malaysia market..
but u can order it from me..
available in Black colour only.
size 7,8,9

The Oliva by CROCS!!
~New Gold

..The Malindi..
nice & comfort!
~Cotton Candy

..The JIbbitz..
to charm your crocs!

Last but not least..
Yiyen's got her NEW Crocs Electro in purple!! :p
Love it!

Happy viewing friends..
but don't forget to jot down your ORDER here..
Adios Amigos!!

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