Monday, June 8, 2009

Crocs for Sale!

If you wanna buy this crocs or want to order any crocs pattern..
do email me @
Only this stock is available in hand this time..
Other than that have to wait for 2-3weeks stocks.
Price is Rm100 only (Rm105 for Sabah & Sarawak) including registered post shipping.
but if you want me to curier it by Poslaju,do add rm6 for West M'sia & rm 9 for East M'sia
Retail price in boutique is Rm139 for Olivia & Rm 129 for Malindi.
1st come 1st served.
(All items is Authentic and NEW)

Olivia ultraviolet
available in size/pcs left
w5 4pcs
w6 10pcs
w7 7pcs
w8 4pcs

Olivia Red
available in size/pcs left
w5 5pcs
w6 2pcs

Olivia New Gold
available in size/pcs left
w5 12pcs
w6 7pcs
w7 9pcs
w8 5pcs

Olivia Black
available in size/pcs left
w5 3pcs
w6 10pcs
Malindi Pulse
w5 3pcs
w6 5pcs
w8 4pcs
Malindi Silver
w5 6pcs
w6 1pc
Malindi Black
w5 1pc

Malindi Torquoise
w5 4pcs
w8 1pc

Malindi Brown
w5 1pc

Malindi Berry (new colour)
w5 1pc
w6 1pc

Email me:

~Your name
~Orders detail: Malindi or Olivia

I will reply ASAP.

Full payment is required before delivery.
to my Maybank Acc:
Nooryati septembia Sherly tawith
MBB: 162348525235


Thanks for viewing..


  1. sejak 2 menjak!
    no money no talk :p
    minta sponser mama.rugi xbeli cheng...
    crocs wake pun suda ada..nanti aku tag ko..

  2. cuba ko check klu ko buli dapat BISTRO (size 10 for men). balik2 si junior pigi 1Borneo tapi nada stock. dorang jual small sizes ja.

  3. hi kak..
    kalau bistro mmg susah cari.
    kawan aku pun cari tu mmg susah mau dpt saiz.
    tapi nanti aku try tanya k..



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