Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Crocs Update

Hi Crocsies..
Thanks guys for the orders..
And those who wanna order it still can do it.
the crocs maybe a bit late arrive to you.
depends on the ready stock i have.
here you can choose wich colour
that can suit you..
ask for me..
i like the brown,turquoise n pulse colour..
berry also nice (not in the pic)
but you can check berry colour
@my previous entry.
Crocs Malindi
rm95/rm100 s&s

Crocs Olivia
rm95/rm100 s&s

Crocs Off Road
rm130/rm135 s&s

Crocs Cyprus

Thanks to:

Miss Liyana: Malindi Berry w6 & Olivia Black w6

Miss Aisyah: Malindi Pulse w7

Miss Marlena: Malindi Leopard Gold w7

Mrs Azlinda: Malindi Pulse w8 & Olivia Black w8

For the purchase..

I'll try my best to make it for you guys..

it's my passion..

p/s: Pasti bergaya dgn Crocs minggu ni!!

will update ASAP,

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