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Week Two Journal..

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Week Two Journal...

Oh my God! It’s that time again, luckily this time my presentation will be held on the next class. I still have one night to rehearse my speech. Looking at my previous marks. it was terrible and I must do something to improve it.

I checked the previous comment, which my friend evaluated for me during my first speech and study what is lacking on my speech. Majority noted that I should be more calm during my speech delivery, even on Ms. Hui comment, plus, she said that I should reduce the number of pauses for my speech.

I said to myself; “If this are the main qualities that are lacking on my speech, then I should concentrate more on how I confronted against nervousness and to many pauses”. But first I should know what are the reasons or main causes for these things to happen. Base on my own research on my speech, I knew that during speech I couldn’t control my emotion which eventually lead to stage nervousness and pauses during speech.

So I come to a conclusion that if I were to improve my next speech, “I must put more effort (practice) in order to gain more marks for my speech”, but yet, how? The day before my presentation, I met with Mr. Sham at the computer lab and asked him on what is the best way to practice my speech. Mr. Sham said that I should practice in front of the mirror so that I can look to myself in the mirror and know what are the missing criteria for my presentation. He also said that I need lots of preparation for my speech. Then the night before my speech, I practice over and over again, until I felt confident with my overall presentation.

I slept early that night so that I will have extra time in the morning to practice before the 9.00 A.M class. I was the 5th (24th overall) person to give speech, at that time my head was starting to have mix-feelings, and my emotion is covered with fear. But yet, I still managed to calm myself down and think positive (turn the negative into positive).

In those situation, I kept reading my speech text so that I could memorize my speech text even better. After the person before me finished delivering her speech, then my heart starts pumping rapidly like a runaway train, “full steam ahead”, then suddenly it stops! And I felt like everybody in the class were in a slow motion video, just imagine “Baywatch” cut-scenes. And finally I was in the real world again, then heard Mr. Hui voice “Feel free to go in front if you’re ready”.

I walk gingerly in front and trying to look as calm as I could in front of the other students. At first I still managed to stay calm and deliver the beginning of my speech smoothly, Then suddenly…(storm) bltzzzzz....I felt like a familiar looking just struct me on the head, and I can only saw blank in front of me, few second after that, I can see again but this time I completely forgotten my speech content, then I rushed near the lecturer’s table to look at my notes.

It was the “lightening of the forgetfulness and nervousness” had struct me again, again and the usual timing: “Mostly during presentation”. I completely felt nervous and lost my coolness,. Everybody in the class knew that I was feeling nervous because my hand was shaking while holding my notes.

Everything that I prepared and every effort I put for the speech was gone, like a sandcastle washed away by the sea. I ended my speech and felt like a complete looser. I blew two of my early speeches for the course and only god will know what will happened with my next speech. But trust me, I’ll never looses hope so cheaply.

*Sekian saja untuk hari ni...hope you'll enjoy reading it...
p/s: paling xtahan part ni "Like A Sandcastle washed away by the sea.."
teror juga c Baby ni bermadah ye..hehehe....

Yohan Tawith
"I never looses hope so cheaply!! And I already prove it!!

*huh! ayat yg sangat mendalam dan menusuk kalbu!

~Good Nite friends~



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