Sunday, May 17, 2009

His ENG212 Book..


Hari ni,got nothing to do,so i think of doing something yg berfaedah.
Oleh kerana bilik bawah ini sudah menjadi ala2 stor,
i decided to kemas la bilik bawah ni...
aka stor juga la sbb semua barang2 yg jarang dipakai,we put there..
Sedang tengah2 mengemas tu,i found something....

no la..bukan jumpa harta karun pun!
I found my little brother Yohan,s English Journal Book.

Apa lagi,sesi pembacaan pun bermula la...

Agak menarik juga karangan2 adikku ini...
Then i postponed my hajat to kemas the stor..hehehe.

sbb sudah tersangkut dgn karangan nya...

Ada 6 karangan yg terkandung dalam buku tersebut...
So,harus la di share2 dalam blog ini k....
Setuju ka tarak setuju?

Whatever it is..aku sudah pun selesai menaipnya..
so baca je la.....
xrugi pun kan...

p/s: Bi,kalau ko baca blog ni,senyum ja la k..jgn marah..nanti kena jual!!


This karangan,he wrote when he's still study in SIT
(sepang international technology)
College,Klang.6 years ago..
(now he is working and staying in USA)
so,paham2 ja la..masih student time tu..sekarang ni..confirm aku pun xdpt lawan American slang dia! Tersangat la terror! kan bi?


The Story Begin...

Week One Journal

10.00A.M in the morning, I’ve just woke up after a long journey from Sabah.Then I rushed to Sie Ling’s office to get the ADP timetable from her. Noticed that the Monday Schedule is packed. Moreover,I needed to go to the bank and get my money to settle my tuition fees, as it was the last day to pay my fees without late payment’s penalty.

I looked at my handphone time and realized I still have 30minutes to go to Klang town and finished my business. But due to unavoidable traffic problem, my time calculation was inaccurate, this made me late for the first ENG212 (Public Speaking) Class. That eventually lead me to an unexpected “Speech For Reasons Of Late For Class”.

This is the first time in my life taking a ‘public speaking’ subject. Though at first my outlook towards the subject that it was a difficult and complicated subject for me to handle. And looking back at my past experiences, I found myself in familiar territory again, overcoming the high obstacle and consider it as just another challenge in life and also a chance for me to know how far I can go.

Then our lecturer, Mrs. Hui gave us the course syllabus and I’ve noticed that this course is nothing but speaking or I should say “The art of Public Speaking” all the way, plus our first speech presentation will be held on Wednesday (20/08/2003).

The day before the presentation’s day, I got no classes to attend, so I took advantage most of my time preparing for my speech. I found myself asking what topic to present for my ‘self introduction speech’, it is either my background or my interest. It was very difficult for me to choose from. So I decided to just continue looking for ideas for both topic.

On the presentation day, I don’t do any rehearsal for my speech because I don’t want to put too many pressure on myself, so that I can present well and won’t be nervous during my presentation. Before my name was called to present my speech, I was ready and calm as I can still remember everything. And at the final moment I’ve picked which topic to choose. Also at the same time I was beginning to shiver and begin to loose my cool.

“Yohan”, it’s my turn now and I walked gingerly towards the front of the class.
I completely forgot everything about my speech, but slowly I managed to calm down and try to do my best for my first presentation for the ‘Public Speaking’ course.
Though my speech was a little bit shaky, but I think I’ve just done enough, and still have time to improve. ”Welcome to the club”.

Written by:Yohan Tawith
Type by:Nooryati Tawith

Thats all for the first chapter of his Journal...

I'll write the 'Week two journal' ASAP..
~Thank You~


  1. hmm. potensi. potensi. buat novel. hehehe...

  2. itu baru chapter 1 mel...ada 5 chapter lagi...
    tunggu ye!hehe..

  3. hamboi... ber blog kerrrr?
    haha welcome to the world of blogging!
    baru ko tau siok ka inda.

    ba ba adakah mempublish diary org.
    haha nanti aku kasi baca bapa.
    ok sudah wifi d rumah.

  4. wahaha..... 5 chapters more.
    fuuuhhhhhhh. okkeh. akan kuikuti pkembangannya. hehehee.....

    cheng2, nti suru yohan claim royalti jak. hehehe...

  5. cheng,ini bukan diary dia ok...ini buku journal dia yg mmg kena check lecturer dia.. ada markah lagi tp harus dirahsia kan..

    mel,xda royalti ni..royal jelly ada la :p

    *best pula mem-blog ni..

  6. sama la ba tu =_=" duhh
    nah baru ko tau kan.



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