Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Happy Day...

Today is actually the second day of my
BLS Course..
*Basic Life Support*
yesterday was only a practical n theory session..
and today we had to sit for an exam..
I am so nervous because I didn't sit for BLS exam for almost 3 years..
and it is very though course especially the
'chest compression and rescue breathing part'
This is the tag that we had
to wear during the course..
my number is 05..
what a lucky number for today :)

Me & Syai
during practical..
*Relief of choking*

The Airway Management Device..
*Oxygen face mask
*Venti mask
*High flow mask
*Nasal prong
*Intubation etc

In this course i've learned..
*CPR for Adult
*CPR for children
*CPR forInfants
AED automated external defibrillator
*Relief of choking for adult,children and infants
*Intubation etc.

Really satisfied with this course..cause i've learned a lot.
*hope i can apply this skills in the future..
and thumbs up for the organiser...
for the excellent course..and also the food is so yummy!

And this is me...
so..so..happy today because being selected
as a 'Best Student' amongs Staff Nurses during this course!!



  1. mcm baju aku ja ko pakai didalam sweater tu? omg.

  2. haha..
    of course..
    kita kan selalu pinjam meminjam!

  3. oh no!
    the shirt will lose its magical spirit... i will only wear it when im walking with my bf.. omg..



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