Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pinterrrr kok!

Last 2 weeks, Yiyen asked me how many heart does octopus have? i was like?? hmm..habislah kali ni.i don't know the answer and i'm guessing one.she said no! no! no! octopus have 3 hearts! she knew it from TVIQ..ok fair enough..Today she ask me pula "kenapa hujan terjadi"? OMG lagi..coz i already forget all my science theories.. then i asked her to answer it..coz i know yiyen selalu watch TVIQ..did you know what she answer me??? hahahaha.. LOL dengan nada serious yiyen answered, "Sbb katak panggil hujan" me: *Pengsan* sbb i'm expecting a science theory answer from her..
Yiyen,yiyen you're so clever but yet funny too!


  1. awww.. so comel yiyen!!!! hehehe..

    anyway thank u kak for the churp churp entry!!! im a churp2 too now! ;)




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