Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yiyen is turning...

For those who reads my entry here about
"Save The Date Card"
i will tell you why :)

my Yiyen is turning 6 this coming 29th Nov 2010..
i'm planning to do a small Birthday Party Tea for her..
so if u wish to come do email me..
i'll pm u :)

Date: 27th Nov 2010
Time: 3pm till 6pm

uhh! can't wait!!


  1. uits..2nd time here and followed ur blog from twitter :) we're under one roof of hpj :) hehe

  2. hi kenny...sorry 4 the late reply here..poor internet connection i have..
    wah in one roof pula tu kan.. ada my brother kestau tu..nanti jumpa tegur k..



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