Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dad & Operation Last Wesnesday

Dear friends & family,

Dad is inside the Operation Theatre right now. 

This is what the specialist told us last Sunday on what procedures / operation they've plan for DAD.

1) Rigid bronchoscopy.


3) kiv Thoracotomy

Being a staff nurse, works in operation theatre for almost 13 years & knew a lot about surgical complication makes me feel so nervous +_____+ especially the no 3) procedure. ICU backup if they do the 3rd pocedure. Eventhough it is only a 'kiv' , it's really scares me. 

Trying my very best to let dad know what he'll going thru today ( the operation procedure etc ) 

But i know, dad is a very strong person. Inside & out. 

*tears falling*

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