Monday, May 17, 2010

when he is sleeping,he looks cute! eeee...

I heart this picture!
This is actually when Baby Neidal was sleeping and he's smile..
*everybody knows babies will smile when they're sleeping*
maybe they had a good dreams :)
I managed to captured the moment while he's smile..
so happy..
This one he is still sleeping..

He's sleeping in the car seat,
not in the car but in the house :)
so cute!
*the car seat is a present from atukneidal*

Look at his mouth!

Smile again!

Sleeping in the sofa

Enjoying his sleeping moment..

Malaysia Boleh!!

with pupu, mumu & zira :)

there you go..
Baby are always like that..
sleep sleep and sleeps..
and they look so cute!!
thats mean they're growing..
believe me,
don't be surprise with their weight after a month..
cause sometimes..
they weight will be double from their birthweight!
*Enjoy the moment when your child is sleeping*

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