Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forever One song & Lyrics by Richado Tawith

Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh kami adik beradik pada tahun 2010. Lagu gubahan adik, Richado Tawith khas untuk Bapa & Mama tercinta Puan Mollen Bt. Simbaku & Allahyarham Bapa Tawith Bin Hj. Sungkit.

Enjoy the song guys..

Tajuk Lagu : Forever One

Lirik Lagu :

"It's hard to find the peace, when we're all alone.. 
When we far, there's no place to go..
You are far to reach, but I carry you..

Every where I go, forever it will be..
Father raised us with love..
And our mother raised us with her tender touch..

We gonna be fine, 
We gonna stay true,
Together we hold on to..
Even it's hard the pain is lesser if we bear it together..

Never say no,
Never look back.
To all the hard times we've been through,
Let's joint our hands.

We are family and we will forever be one.

I don't think I wanna live or even chase my dream
Without you would be colorless and pale
It is there'll be hard for me to live in our own dreams
Cause all we need is love
All we need is love

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