Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week Three Journal

My Lil' brother,
Yohan Tawith

Me,Yohan & My sister
@KK International Airport 2008
He just arrived from USA for a 1 month vacation
in Sabah.

As I promised at my previous it is..
(do check my MAY post week one and week two journal also)
The~Week Three Journal..
Written By Yohan Tawith
Date: 3/9/2003 (6 years ago on his 19th birthday)

Though it's not compulsary to write the journal this week,but what the heck!...
it won't hurt anybody does it?

The next presentation is six days from now and that sinking feeling of unable to deliver good enough speech is again grasping tight to my mind.

But this time is a bit different,because I have almost two weeks to prepare,however the speech consists of 10%
out of the overall grade mark and I just can't afford to loose those precious marks.

At present I'm still in a crossroad of which topic to choose for my third presentation; "the speech to inform".
It is whatever about illegal animal poaching,euthanasia,or about football equipments.

I just can't made up my mind.Not to mention all the ENG212 assignments that I need to be done by tonight,as I'm leaving to SABAH tomorrow morning to help my father for the preparation of my SISTER'S WEDDING this Sunday (7/9/2003). *it's my wedding :)

Which also means that I need to prepare and practice my 3rd speech mostly at home.Thank you for the comments and empowering words.It's really propelled my morale to give extra effort for my following speech.

I'll try my best though public speaking is totally out of my league.And yet,will I perform better this time? That's remained as a million dollar question,we'll have to wait and see for that..

p/s: wait for the week four journal k Bi...
I'll type ASAP....

your sister,

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