Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shopping dengan kakak ipar ku :)

Salam semua...
ni bukan entry pasal rumah ye kawan kawan..
saja letak gambar rumah ni..
jap lagi di bawah ni
gambar i dgn kakak ipar ku..
si pemilik rumah ini :p

anyway,rumah beliau terletak di
Kota Bharu,
nama tempat xingat yer..
sangat la suka sudut ini..
pintu gerbang ni from Bali ok..
berapa lah agaknya ongkos
utk membeli
pintu gerbang ni :)
ruang tamu depan,
sebelum pintu kedua..
wah wah..
that's all for now..
nanti akan ku
upload lagi gambar2 rumahnya
yang memang menjadi idaman kalbu itu :)
Let's begin with my shopping..
last week,
kakak ipar ku datang from
her husband got meeting
@ KL,
so sempena itu,she decided to come together
and of course Shopping with me!
me,her and Alya (her one and only daughter)
first of all,we went to
Shah Alam.
jalan2 beli kain..
then haruss masuk kedai
ini :)
memang xsah kalau xbeli kan SALE!

yang ni memang tidak dirancang ok..
membeli aksesori di kedai
Diamond & Platinum..
agak agak juga harga nya..
kan Ya? (nickname Alya)
yang penting kita Happy..
siap pesan dgn Alya lagi..
"jgn bagitau papa dulu ye ya"
sesiapa yg baca blog ni..tolong simpan rahsia ok..
second destination..
Amcorp Mall..
lunch sekejap di
yg ni la Alya..
(*malu-malu meow) la kakak iparku..
Kak Azni..
(macam sedap je makan sandwich subway kak?)
sangat la suka shopping :)
macam penulis blog ni juga :p
~kweng kweng~
anyway,sangat lah best shopping hari tu..
keluar rumah dari pukul 11A.M
balik rumah dekat jam 9P.M.
=10 jam..
ok x?
ok la tuh...
lain kali kita gi shopping lagi ye Kak Ni :)
p/s: destinasi ke3 hari tu sebenarnya ke
Sunway Pyramid,
tetapi oleh kerana terlalu lama di Amcorp mall,
niat dibatalkan..nantikan ada pula orang di rumah
yang kebuluran...kan Pa?
jangan marah..
"i keluar shopping dengan kakak mu juga"

weekend ni kita pula shopping sama2 ok!
so,that's me..
amek gambar dalam toilet
sacc mall okeh!
mahal tuh..
Love & Peace

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yiyen new haircut..

Setelah 5 tahun Rambut Yiyen ku disimpan..
akhirnya pada 25 Julai yang lepas,
aku terpaksa merelakan ia dipotong.. :(
sedih juga lah tapi what to do..
nanti kan panjang sampai ke lantai pula :p
so,we went to
Sunway Pyramid
to cut her hair..
This pic is before going to sunway Pyramid..

This is the photo after
the haircut..

after that..

ni la dia tukang order yg paling banyak.. :)

lepas gunting rambut,tindik telinga pula..
her wish :)
xpa la mau bujang suda kali..
posing seperti superstar gitu..

malu malu tapi mau..
semasa proses
pemotongan rambut dijalankan..

hairstyler kelvin sedang
me-Layer kan rambut Yiyen.

Cheng-Cheng in action..


sedang memilih style rambut
yang ingin dipotong..

posing terakhir sebelum rambut

@ APT Hair Saloon,
Sunway Pyramid..


hi..cute tak Yiyen?

My New Nureen Aleesya :)
p/s: Anyway..Yiyen happy with her new hair..
bagus la.. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Week Four Journal

Yohan with Dr.william
our sister's wedding

Yeah! home at last!, I thought it will be a 5 days honeymoon for me,but I was totally wrong. It's a 5 days of pain-staking non-stop hardwork,helping my father and other family members,doing preparation for my sister's wedding. ('s me) There was absolutely no free spaces for me to squeeze in for my 3rd speech preparation, not even enough rest hours. Thank you Bi for the help during my wedding 6 years back :)

I was back in Klang after a long journey on 9/9/2003 at 6.30PM. I took a shower and slept at 8.00PM without having my supper (I was damn tired). Then the next morning I woke up at 10.00Am (14hours of sleep) and feeling fresh for the 11.30Am ENG212 Class.

Ok! enough with the story crap...lets move on with the journal. Knowing that I have absolutely zilch preparations for the third speech, Iasked Ms.Hui's permission to give my presentation on the next day (Thursday) , and thankfully she allowed it. If not,I'm totally screwed up.

I began gathering information from the net and printed it out. Then at night I start typing my speech,which I eventually finished typed and edited roughly at 2.30AM. I took another 30 minutes to practice the speech before I jump in to bed. I set my alarm clock at 7.00AM, so that there are still time for me to prepare for the class.

On my way to the classroom, I was a bit shakey since i've only slept 4 hours before coming to class. This time I managed to overcome a bit of the pressure compare to my condition with my previous speech. I wasn't ready to present my speech because I didn't have enough time to really prepare and memorise my speech text. But since there's no time for me to argue with this, it is my problem and I have to deal with it face-to-face like a man.

There's nothing fancy with my speech introduction this time as I was already prepared the text for my speech. I choose to stood still and put my hand behind my back as I am not so familiar giving speech with the right body language, proposeful gesture, and right facial expressions.One more missing criteria was eye contact with the audience, as I was busy reading my notes... hehehe..

Oppsss! there goes my marks. It was like looking at RM1,000,000 bill falling from the sky, knowing that I could catch it but instead watching it hopelessly going down to drain. I don't expected high marks for this speech but hopefully it'll be better than the previous one.



Well Yohan,I don't know what to say. Having read about how little time you spent working on
the speech, it is no wonder you were reading the text-and you will suffer terribly from it. I do not know whether the marks will be better then #2-I haven't marked it yet.The final I shall say is: Please don't risk it anymore.

marks 2/3

written by: yohan

typed by: nsst/bingo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conference again..

Just came back from Kelantan last Friday..
for the
4th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sport Science
8th International Sports Science conference 2009
It's been so busy and tiring week for me..
The Opening ceremony of the conference..

me @ the conference

Our abstract and programme book..

I got so many information during this course..
and hopefully i can apply it in my daily activities :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

14th till 17th July 2009

I'm going to
Kota Bharu,Kelantan

The 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Excercise &
Sport Science & 8th International Sport science Conference 2009
I'm attending it on behalf of HPJ
Thanks to my HPJ for giving me this opportunity :)
I Like!
Here is a little bit about the conference..

Joint Conference :

4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science & 8th International Sports Science Conference
Theme :
Integration of Exercise and Sports Sciences, Physical Activity and Training for Sports Performance and Health
Date : 15 - 17 July 2009
Place : Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia
Further Information :

This joint conference is conducted with a view of bringing together academicians, coaches, trainers, physical education lecturers/teachers, fitness instructors and sports/exercise science experts on one platform to update the knowledge in various sub-disciplines of sports sciences.

Eminent sports scientists from all over the world have been invited as key note speakers, invited speakers and symposium speakers. Parallel to the scientific session, got conference workshops on various sports science areas.
So,I'm away from blogging
for about 4 days
starting from tomorrow.
will update as soon as
~Bye n Take Care friends~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week Three Journal

My Lil' brother,
Yohan Tawith

Me,Yohan & My sister
@KK International Airport 2008
He just arrived from USA for a 1 month vacation
in Sabah.

As I promised at my previous it is..
(do check my MAY post week one and week two journal also)
The~Week Three Journal..
Written By Yohan Tawith
Date: 3/9/2003 (6 years ago on his 19th birthday)

Though it's not compulsary to write the journal this week,but what the heck!...
it won't hurt anybody does it?

The next presentation is six days from now and that sinking feeling of unable to deliver good enough speech is again grasping tight to my mind.

But this time is a bit different,because I have almost two weeks to prepare,however the speech consists of 10%
out of the overall grade mark and I just can't afford to loose those precious marks.

At present I'm still in a crossroad of which topic to choose for my third presentation; "the speech to inform".
It is whatever about illegal animal poaching,euthanasia,or about football equipments.

I just can't made up my mind.Not to mention all the ENG212 assignments that I need to be done by tonight,as I'm leaving to SABAH tomorrow morning to help my father for the preparation of my SISTER'S WEDDING this Sunday (7/9/2003). *it's my wedding :)

Which also means that I need to prepare and practice my 3rd speech mostly at home.Thank you for the comments and empowering words.It's really propelled my morale to give extra effort for my following speech.

I'll try my best though public speaking is totally out of my league.And yet,will I perform better this time? That's remained as a million dollar question,we'll have to wait and see for that..

p/s: wait for the week four journal k Bi...
I'll type ASAP....

your sister,

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Nothing much to write today..
just wanna post some photos here..

Nureen Aleesya

Doing some acrobatic


Shy shy cat!

Oh...senyum paksa :)

Inside the car..

"Mama Borek Anak Rintik"

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5..

Bye bye..
p/s: Drive carefully

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Bang!!

Its 08.07.2009!
The Day that my Brother was born on 1977..
~Nur Alcasino Tawith~

Happy Birthday Bang!!
you're 32 years old

Thanks for being such a LOVELY
brother :)
of course!

May all the Joy & Happiness be with you

Lots of Love:
Me,Yiyen & Papayiyen


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